The Church Has Left the Building

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The projects for September 25th, 2016 are listed below.

You can download a copy of the 2016 Project booklet.

You can get a registration and permission form (pdf format) to print out and send back to us at 6300 Chambers Hill Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111.  (or a .docx file if you prefer)


1 – Breakfast for Homeless                         8—10 participants

Leader:            Allison Kuhn

Description:    This weekly meal feeds our unhoused neighbors in downtown Harrisburg.  This mission happens monthly with members of our church, but we would especially like to encourage those who have never been before to give it a try.  You’ll prepare and serve a meal for the guests at Grace UMC.

Location: State St. Harrisburg

Time Frame:  6:00AM—9:30AM

Ages:  14 and up 


2 – Adopt a Highway 16 participants

Leader:  Justin Smith

Description: This group will control the litter along our assigned portion of Chambers Hill Road, as part of the Adopt a Highway program.

Location: Chambers Hill Road

Time Frame: 9:30AM—finish

Ages: 16 and up

Other: Sturdy shoes, long pants and sleeves are recommended for this job.  You can also bring along your own work gloves if you have a pair.


3 – Gleaning for Food Bank                  30 participants

Leader:           Wendy Feichtl

Description:    Volunteers will be gleaning (picking the fruits and vegetables left at the end of the harvest), a practice that goes back to Old Testament days.  This food will be distributed via the Central PA Food Bank.

Location: Strites’ Orchard

Time Frame: 1:00PM to 4:00PM



4 – Caitlin Smiles—KIDS PROJECT  12 participants

Leader:  Kathy Crawford / June Heller

Description:  Designed specifically for kids from infant to elementary aged, who can come to this group without their parents.  They’ll prepare and fill project bags with  the supplies to do small crafts.  These are then distributed at children’s hospitals across the nation for kids to have something to do while waiting at a doctor’s appointment or during a procedure.  Childcare will be provided for those too young to work on the project.

Location:  Children’s SS Room at CHUMC

Time Frame:  9:00AM—11:00AM

Ages:  Elementary or younger


5 – Sewing Project         8-10 participants

Leader:  Dot Lloyd / Sue Weldon

Description:  This group will cut and sew walker bags for residents at our local nursing homes.  Participants should plan to bring their own sewing machines to use.

Location:  Phoenix Classroom, CHUMC

Time Frame: 1:00PM—4:00PM


6 – Stop Hunger NOW                           60-80 participants

Leader:            The Antolick Family

Description:    Stop Hunger NOW is an organization that packs highly nutritious, dehydrated meals that can be used in the U.S. or shipped around the world.  They partner with schools, orphanages, and hospitals to distribute the meals.

The work happens at table height, and all the supplies and tools needed will come with the Stop Hunger Now Truck.  This is a great project for all ages – families are welcome to work together.

The event is loud with music and lots of people working together.

Location:  Church Gym

Time Frame:  9:00AM to 11:00AM (or until finished)

Ages:  All ages, family friendly


7 – New Life for Girls—CLEANUP  15 participants

Leader:            Donna Speelman

Description:    New Life for Girls provides residential space for women and their children recovering from addiction. This team will be cleaning up, sorting, and re-stocking a pantry that supplies the women’s needs.

Location:  New Life for Girls, Dover, PA

Time Frame:  8:15AM  to 12:00PM

 Ages:  Teenager and up


8 – New Life for Girls—PLAYGROUND         Max 8

Leader:            Luke Cline

Description:    New Life for Girls provides residential space for women and their children recovering from addiction. This team will be fixing up and painting a small playground and recreational space that is used by the women and their children.

Location:  New Life for Girls, Dover, PA

Time Frame: 8:15AM to 12:00PM

Ages:  Teenager and up


9 – Elementary Playground Mural   12 participants

Leader:  Brookye Keeney

Description: The Chambers Hill Elementary School has invited us to create a mural on their blacktop playground space.  Painters will create a USA map, paint markers on the mile track, and create lines and games on the basketball court and kickball areas.   A second crew will be needed in the afternoon to put down a second coat of paint.

Location:  Chambers Hill Elementary School

Time Frame:  9:00AM to 11:00AM  Coat #1

1:00PM to 4:00PM    Coat #2

 Ages: Teenager and up


10 – Hospice House                10 participants

Leader:            Steve Getsay

Description:    The Hospice House on Linglestown Road is a place of quiet nurturing care where terminally ill patients can choose to spend their final days.  It is a large residence surrounded by gardens and walking paths.  Our jobs on this day will include things like yard work, cleaning gutters, and weeding flowerbeds.  This supports the healing, comforting environment provided by Hospice House.

Location:  Carolyn Croxton Slane Hospice Residence, Linglestown Road

Time Frame:  1:00PM to 4:00PM

Ages:  Teen and up


11 – Fire House Landscaping  6 participants

Leader:  Jackie Smith

Description: We will be doing some landscaping around the fire company’s building, including a new bed near the electronic sign.

Location:  Chambers Hill Fire Company

Time Frame:  1:00PM to 4:00PM

Ages:  Teenagers and up


12 – Cookout       6-8 participants

Leader:  Steph and Matt Pomraning

Description: This team will help to prepare the meal and set up the room for our evening gathering as the other teams return from their day’s work.

Location:  Chambers Hill UMC

Time Frame:  2:00PM until 5:00PM dinner

Ages:  Teenagers and up


13 – CATRA                                10 or more participants

Leader:            Juanita Mort

Description:    Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association boards special therapy horses to be used for riding lessons for patients with a variety of conditions.  CATRA has said we will help with some or all of these tasks:  cleaning stalls, cleaning paddocks, sweeping, cleaning small animal enclosures, stocking hay stations, cleaning perimeters, cleaning water troughs, brushing horses, gardening/weeding, painting fences, sheds, gates, mowing and trimming, general maintenance and repair. As you can see it will be more than just shoveling manure!

Location:  CATRA Riding Center, Grantville

Time Frame:  8:00AM to 12:00PM

Ages:  Teen and up

Other:  Wear farm appropriate clothes and footwear, and bring work gloves


14 – Ronald McDonald House         8 participants

Leader:            Laura Lawrence and Kim Kennedy

Description:    The Ronald McDonald house provides a place to stay for families whose loved ones are being treated at Hershey Medical Center.  This team will go on site to prepare the evening meal for about 50-75 residents.

Location:  Ronald McDonald House in Hershey

Time Frame:  2:00PM to 5:00PM

Ages:  Teen and up


15 – Nursing Home Hymn Sing/Church Service       10 participants

Leader:            John Rauch

Description:    This group will go to the Frey Village Nursing home in Middletown to lead the residents in a hymn sing and church service.  Part of the task will involve transporting residents in wheelchairs down to the chapel. You can add your voice to the hymns as we sing some of the old favorites.

Location:  Frey Village, Middletown

Time Frame:  12:30PM to 3:00PM

Ages:  All ages, family friendly


16 – Daystar Painting 10 or more participants

Leader:  Howard Crawford and Charlie Poticher

Description: Daystar is a ministry started by the United Methodist Church that provides a healing place for men in drug and alcohol addiction recovery.  We’ll be painting up to 11 bedrooms which house the men who stay there.

Location:  Daystar building, Harrisburg

Time Frame:  9:00AM to 4:00PM

Ages:  Teenager and up

Other:  Wear clothes that can get dirty.  Painting supplies like brushes, ladders, and paint trays may be needed at the discretion of the team leaders.