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The projects for September 24th, 2017 are listed below.


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1 – Breakfast for Homeless                         8—10 participants

Leader:            Bruce Bodnyk

Description:    This weekly meal feeds our unhoused neighbors in downtown Harrisburg. You’ll prepare and serve a meal for the guests at Grace UMC. This mission happens monthly with members of our church, but we would especially like to encourage those who have never been before to give it a try. Meet at the church at 6:00AM and    carpool to Grace UMC located on State St in Harrisburg.

Location: State St., Harrisburg

Time Frame:  6:00AM—9:30AM

Ages:  14 and up


2 – Ronald McDonald House 16 participants

Leader:  Michelle Seltzer

Description: Meet at the church at 8:00AM and carpool to the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey. The Ronald McDonald house provides a place to stay for families whose loved ones are being treated at Hershey Medical Center. This team will go on site to prepare breakfast for about 50 – 75 guests.

Location: Hershey

Time Frame: 8:00AM to 10:00AM

Ages: 14 and up


3 – Mission Central                  30 participants

Leader:           Joyce Getsay

Description:    Meet at the church at 8:00AM and carpool to Mission Central in Mechanicsburg. Once there, assemble kits to be sent around the world to people in need. This work is not physically demanding and can be done while seated.

Some parts of the team may do some light warehouse work such as washing windows, stripping floors, moving items, etc. You will not be asked to do any warehouse work, unless you indicate you are willing to do so.

Location: Mission Central in Mechancisburg

Time Frame: 8:00AM to Noon


4 – Peanut Butter Egg Project 12 participants

Leader:  Vernon Brehm / Shirley Eckard

Description:  We’ll be making a special run of Chambers Hill Peanut Butter eggs. Sunday’s team will coat, wrap, and label the eggs.

Location:  Social Hall at Chambers Hill UMC

Time Frame:  8:00AM—11:00AM, both Saturday AND Sunday

Ages:  Teen and up


5 – Birdhouses—KIDS PROJECT up to 12 participants

Leader:  Kim Hartenstein and Abbi St. Clair

Description:  This team is specifically designed come to this group without their parents. Once there, they will paint birdhouses that will be donated to the Parks Department of Swatara Township, where they will be displayed across the various township parks. Each child who paints one will know the location of their birdhouse so they can ‘visit’ once they’re installed. The birdhouses will be painted using a variety of acrylic paint so please be sure to dress your child in old cloths. Childcare will be provided for those too young to work on the project.

Location:  Phoenix Classroom, CHUMC

Time Frame: 8:00AM-12:00PM


6 – Caitlin’s Smiles and School Bags            8-10 ppl

Leader:            Mary Alice Neumyer and Kathy Crawford

Description:    Meet at the church at 9:00AM and gather in the Phoenix Room. Once there, you will either sort door hanger kits for Caitlin’s Smiles and/or assemble school bags for Mission Central.
This work is all done at table height and is not physically demanding.

Location:  Phoenix Room at Chambers Hill UMC

Time Frame:  9:00AM to 11:00AM (or until finished)

Ages:  All ages, family friendly


7- Elementary Playground AM  12 participants

Leader:            Brookye Keeney

Description:    The Chambers Hill Elementary School has invited us to create a mural on their blacktop playground space.  Painters will create lines and games on the basketball court and kickball areas.   A second crew will be needed in the afternoon to put down a second coat of paint.

Location:  Chambers Hill Elementary School

Time Frame:  9:00AM to 11:00AM  Coat #1

1:00PM to 4:00PM    Coat #2

Ages: Teenager and up

8 – Elementary Playground PM  12 participants

(See above))

This group will gather at 1:00PM to put a second coat on the morning’s projects.


9 – Blanket Project                           8-12 participants

Leader:            Donna Speelman

Description:    Meet at the church at 1:00PM and gather in the Phoenix Room. Once there, you will assemble blankets to be distributed through the Harrisburg Uptown United Methodist Ministries. You will be putting the blanket layers together, tacking the top to the bottom, knotting to secure layers and pinning the border. No sewing experience is necessary.

Location:  Phoenix Room at Chambers Hill UMC

Time Frame: 1:00PM to 4:00PM

Ages:  Teenager and up



10 – Hospice House 12 participants

Leader:  Vickie Gray

Description: Meet at the church at 1:00PM and carpool to the Hospice house. Once there, you will do light yard work such as pulling weeds, trimming bushes, cleaning gutters and raking leaves.

Location:  Carolyn Croxton Slane House, Linglestown

Time Frame:  1:00PM car pool to Hospice House

Ages: Teenager and up


11 – Adopt a Highway 12 participants

Leader:  Dave Lang

Description: Meet at the church at 1:30PM.  This group will control the litter along our assigned portion of Chambers Hill Road, as part of the Adopt a Highway program.  Sturdy shoes, long pants and sleeves are recommended for this job.  You can also bring along your own work gloves.

Location:  Chambers Hill Road

Time Frame:  1:30PM until finished

Ages: 16 and older


12 – Gleaning for Food Bank      up to 35 participants

Leader:            J Neumyer

Description:    Meet at the church at 1:00PM and carpool to Strite’s Orchard. Volunteers will be gleaning (picking the fruits and vegetables left at the end of the harvest), a practice that goes back to Old Testament days. This food will be distributed via the Central PA Food Bank. This is a family- friendly project and all ages are welcome.

Location:  Strites’ Orchard

Time Frame:  1:00PM to 4:00PM

Ages:  All Ages—Family Friendly



13 – Frey Village Bingo 6-12 participants

Leader:  Gary Gray

Description: Meet at the church at 1:00PM and carpool to Frey Village. This group will go to the Frey Village Nursing Home in Middletown to lead the residents in playing games of Bible Bingo and also entertain by singing some of your (or their) favorite hymns.

Location:  Frey Village, Middletown

Time Frame:  1:00PM to 4:00PM

Ages:  Teenagers and up



14 – CH Fire Company     3-4 participants

Leader:  Brian Kennedy

Description: Meet at the church and walk next door to the Chambers Hill Fire Company. Once there, you construct door overhangs for their two small side doors. Specific skills are required for this project.

Location:  Fire House

Time Frame:  TBD

Ages:  Adults only



15 – Water and Snacks at Park    6-12 participants

Leader:            Dave Farver

Description:    Meet at the church at 1:00PM and carpool to a local park. Once there, you will pass out water and snacks to the community.

Location:         Local Park(s)

Time Frame:  1:00PM – 3:00PM

Ages:  All ages are welcome


16 – Cookout                                   8 participants

Leader:            Jackie Smith

Description:    This team will prepare the meal and hospitality for our evening gathering, including setting up the room for our evening worship.  You’ll feed all of our hungry volunteers after a good day doing the Lord’s work.

Location:  Social Hall at Chambers Hill UMC

Time Frame:  2:00PM to 5:30PM (mealtime)

Ages:  Adults Only